Over 300 companies have participated in our Marketing for Local Business Lecture Series.   Participants include Fortune 100 companies, one-person operations, and every size in between.  Classes are specifically created to help with  Marketing for Local Business and tend to sell out often.  Subjects are continuously updated to stay current and as a result attendees often take classes multiple times.  Classes are held once-a week between 11:30am – 1:00pm and lunch is included.  Attendance is limited to 10-people per class which enables for highly interactive sessions and accelerated learning.  Individual class registration is available and discounts apply for multi-class and complete series registrations.  Choose your subjects and register today!

The Basics – This was our original series and is presented over a four (4) week period that covers Blogging, Social Media, Direct Marketing, and Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Click here for details.

Overwhelmingly, graduates from The Basics Series requested that we dive deeper into the benefits of marketing through social media.  Our Social Media Series answers that call. Learn step-by-step instructions on how to post, advertise, and enhance your SEO using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, and Instagram.  We round out the series with a class solely dedicated to content.  This series has sold out every time we have offered it.

Demand from our previous graduates to dive even deeper fueled the spark to create our newest digital marketing series called Paid Ads.  In this series students will learn how to create and implement paid ads within Facebook and Instagram. Students will define the parameters of the demographics, generate messaging and calls to action, create graphics and launch a social media paid advertisement for their business. The following week we will learn how to read the analytics and determine the ROI.

To keep content fresh and classes lively we invite experts as guest lecturers throughout the year.  Check back on our website for updates.  Every series in 2019 SOLD OUT.

Click here to be notified via email when the 2020 class curriculum and lecturers are confirmed.  Check reviews from previous attendees here, and register today!

2019 Marketing Class Schedule

The Basics – COMING IN JUNE 2020


Social Media – COMING IN SEPTEMBER 2020

  • LinkedIN

Social Media Paid Ads – COMING IN OCTOBER 2020

  • Creating a Paid Ad
  • Reading the Analytics

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