Social Media Plans

Increase your sales with $ocial Media.  Social Media is here to stay, and if your business isn’t utilizing at least one platform, you’re missing out on new clients and additional business.

Intelligent and regular posting will open doors to many benefits such as:

  • Acquiring New Clients
  • Creating Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Selling Services Online
  • Engaging with Existing Clients
  • Collecting Reviews

Social Media Ad Campaigns

Let us create and execute paid ad campaigns across multiple platforms.  Pricing varies based on Ad Spend and the complexity of campaign(s) or projects.

Posting Packages

Social-Lite: $200/month includes two (2) posts per week including content & graphics on one (1) platform

Social-Medium: $260/month includes three (3) posts per week including content & graphics on one (1) platform

Social-Charged: $325/month includes two (2) posts per week including content & graphics on two (2) platforms

Social Media Management $600/month

Includes five (5) posts per week on two (2) platforms, creation and promotion of events, and analytic reports and consultation.

The Marketing Department $850/month

Many local businesses can’t afford a full-time marketing person.  We have developed The Marketing Department plan for you.  We partner with you, month-to-month and learn the ins and outs of your business.  Then, we mix social media, email marketing, printing, website updates, online selling, video and direct mail strategies to fit your needs.  This is our most popular plan.