There is a lot of misinformation circulating about the impact of print to our environment.  Before rushing to the conclusion that print and printers cause destruction to forests, consider these facts:

  • Trees from tropical forests are specifically not harvested for paper.
  • Of all the trees cut from the world’s forests:
    • 53% is used for fuel
    • 28% is used for lumber
    • 11% is used by the paper industry
  • 33% of that 11% comes from wood chips and scrap from sawmills
  • 33% comes from recycled paper
  • 91 % of the trees consumed in the United States to make paper comes from privately owned forests, which give private landowners a financial incentive to grow trees rather than sell off their land for other uses.
  • Private landowners in the United States plant about 4 million trees every day, as a result, forest growth exceeds harvest by 37%

In the end, from sustainable forests to the renewable nature of trees and recyclability of paper, the paper and printing industries have a positive environmental story to tell—one in which print on paper and healthy forests go hand-in-hand.

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