Data & Lists

LISTS AND DATA BEB BUSINESS EXTENSION BUREAUData is critical to marketing.  Direct marketing relies on data to identify potential clients, describe existing customers and deliver your message.

If you compile your own data, it still must be handled with expertise within the postal environment to ensure maximum postage discounts and minimum returns.  We also offer assistance with identifying and purchasing data.  We can help you to define criteria requirements and plan measurement for a return on your investment.

Business Extension Bureau is an expert with data.  We have two subsidiary companies solely dedicated to the compilation and management of data.  BEBdata is one of the largest Bankruptcy compilers in the United States.  Our 20 million record file is gathered  directly from local courthouses nationwide daily.

Our in-house Data Processing department is Postal Requirement Certified and is skilled at postal preparation, file manipulation and mailing logistics.  We are also adept with merge/purge, nth select, NCOA,  personalization and variable digital print.