Direct Mail Marketing


It wasn’t long ago that direct mail was perceived to be on the brink of extinction.  Today we recognize it as one of the most powerful vehicles for driving business to the web.  Ever changing advancements with technology and modern conveniences have amplified results from this already proven method to successfully secure and acquire business.

Direct mail used in conjunction with other media streams to deliver your marketing messages is a powerful combination that is rivaled by none.  It is personal, tangible and easy to measure.  It can be the start of many touch-points between you and your existing or potential clients.

If you haven’t coupled your mailings with digital boosters such as e-mail blasts, YouTube videos, personalized QR Codes or social media messaging; you haven’t felt the full force of what direct mail can do for your business.

Our clients demand a deeper, more in depth relationship and traditional roles of client/vendor have transformed. At Business Extension Bureau, we have embraced this climate of change (the new norm for all business) and we practice what we preach.  In addition to providing these boosters for our clients, we utilize them in our own marketing execution.

Check out some of the creative ways people are using direct mail to interact with their clients:

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