Our History

Houston 1949

San Francisco based Business Extension Bureau owned by J.C. Hendricks and operating since 1928, opened their Houston division in December of 1949.

Bob Royall 1952Fresh from the University of North Texas, with a degree in Business, 23-year old Bob Royall was hired to run the sales department for the Houston office.  Five years later, leaving the University of Arkansas, Jim Tardy joined the firm as a bookkeeper.  In 1955 Bob was promoted to General Manager and with Jim as his right-hand man, the Houston business grew.

The corporate office was focused on sales leads while Bob and Jim were concentrating on the new and more profitable medium known as direct mail.

Together Bob and Jim made an offer to buy the business and in November of 1959 they took ownership removing any connection to the San Francisco company.  By 1970 they were the sole stockholders and the company remains privately owned and operated today.

Business Extension Bureau (BEB) has grown into the most established direct marketing company in Houston.  Today our service offerings cross over multi-media such as list compilation, digital, offset and wide-format printing as well as interactive direct mail and cross-channel digital marketing, social media and website creation.

bob playing dominoesBob remained involved with the business until he passed away in 2015.  His second  of three sons, Ron Royall, serves as President and CEO with Bob’s youngest son, Ro Royall  is Executive Vice President.

We are so proud of our rich history and the entrepreneurial spirit that has been passed to the next generation.  We will continue to keep our clients interest first and foremost and bring a partnership of value that will enable our businesses to grow and flourish.

bob and jim 2012