The Facility

The big yellow building with burgundy shutters was erected in 1945, during World War II.  Built by a cabinet maker, this structure was originally affiliated with a theatre and was used to store costumes and stage settings.

The original decor remains in a portion of the building including red-flocked wallpaper, red carpet and a rustic chandelier which hangs beside the staircase leading up to offices.

We are currently in the 3rd stage of upgrading this beautiful and unique structure and we are (very) careful to preserve as much of its historic personality as possible.

We acquired the beautiful red-brick building during the early 1970′s.  The structure was originally a large, two-story house and was built in 1923.  Completely  refurbished after Hurricane Ike, the bottom floor now serves as our hand fulfillment area and allows for climate controlled storage.  The top floor houses our large conference room, class room and media room.