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Marketing for Local Business Social Media Series

Overwhelmingly, participants from our Marketing for Small Business-The Basics classes asked us to create additional content and take them further into the social marketing world.  Our Marketing for Small Business Social Series is in response to that request.  Register for individual classes or receive special discounts for attending the entire series.

  • HOW TO: Twitter
  • HOW TO: Facebook
  • HOW TO: Instagram
  • HOW TO: Content

In each of these classes, we’ll put together graphics and posts/tweets/blogs and review where to find content that is relevant to clients and colleagues.  We’ll discuss the many affordable options for paid advertising within different platforms and review demographics available.

TWITTER – Wednesday, June 5, 2019 11:30-1:00pm        


Twitter is a fast paced, up to the second platform that allows for real time marketing.

Learn how to create and utilize a hashtag, understand the benefits of using graphics and videos within your tweets, and understand how intelligent and predictive the program really is.

We’ll review what and when to tweet and explain best practices for who to follow and retweeting.

This is an excellent platform to drive people to your website and utilize creating backlinks.  It’s also a great means to research prospects and gain insights on businesses and industries.

Facebook: Wednesday, June 12, 2019 

Guest Professor: Lesli Stearns of HotBrand Marketing


Learn how to create a free company page for your business, review the meaning of a Like, Reach, and Visit, and discuss metrics to monitor your traffic.

We’ll review what and when to post on your page and give an overview of options available for you to market for new clients including targeting demographics available through paid advertising on Facebook.


Instagram: Thursday, June 20, 2019

Guest Professor: Natalie Ariz of The Impeccable Find


Instagram, owned by Facebook, is the premier visual social media platform.

With over 300 million monthly active users on Instagram, your business has the potential to reach, engage, and build a massive and interactive community. But where do you start?

Instagram is a great place to create your brand awareness. Learn how to convert your  audience into a customer,  client, or collaborator. In this course, you’ll learn how to make the most of your time by finding your ideal followers and keeping them engaged.


CONTENT FOR SEO– Wednesday, June 26, 2019    



Where do you find content to post on social media?  This seems to be the biggest challenge, second only to time, for the Local Business Owner.  We will teach you to recognize that your business (no matter what industry you serve) is content rich each and every day.  We’ll review how to create meaningful and inexpensive graphics, how to make your posts work to grow your organic search engine optimization and how to drive traffic to your website.


Lunch is included with your ticket price.

Class costs:

Individual Classes: $30/per person

2 Classes: $57.00/per person

3 Classes: $81.00/per person

4 Classes: $105.00/per person

Classes are held at our facility located in the heart of The Museum District of Houston, TX.



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