A Note From Ron Royall 3-2019

There is no place like Texas in March. The average high is around 72°F and it’s Bluebonnet season. If you’re lucky enough to be here during this time of year, I hope you get the chance to go for a drive to see the beautiful landscape.

It’s also a very busy time of year for us at BEB. March means rodeo, and I have worked as a volunteer for the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo for many years. The organization not only brings some of the best shows and food to Houston, it has contributed more than $75 million in research, grants and scholarships.

Last month, we attended the National Auto Dealers Association convention in California. Later this month, we head for the annual Mailing & Fulfillment Services Association conference in the Woodlands. Also, we will be co-hosting the PIGC annual Graphic Excellence Awards in April. It’s important that we stay active with industry associations which is why we serve on several boards and have staff active on committees and educational programs.

This year, in an effort to better serve you, our operations managers, client services representatives and executive staff are becoming Certified Mail Professionals from the program provided by global think tank and industry giant, Idealliance.

The Certification requires 11 hours of classes covering 28 modules that focus on postal compliance and regulations. This comprehensive training has been challenging and spawned a lot of lively discussions.

To celebrate our 70th year in business we will highlight some of our rich history that will include photos, mail pieces, and newsletters from the past.

Our first features a BEB newsletter that was written and mailed in February 1963. We review the dramatic changes that occurred over that 56-year time span and reflect on several items that haven’t really changed at all! We hope you enjoy.

This edition also includes an article explaining Dynamic Pricing, we define Account Based Marketing, and have a feature about the Russian Post. They have started selling beer at their rural post offices as a way to keep unprofitable branches open and viable.

We included an article called: “Direct Mail Basic Training.” As many of you are working on Easter campaigns, we thought that an outline of the basics may be a handy reference point.
We also review Trigger Direct Mail. This strategy uses data collected online to engage clients offline.

We are participating in the MD Anderson Sprint for Life 5K race again this year. This event raises money for the Blanton-Davis Ovarian Research Foundation.

We got involved to honor our Rama Moore. She worked for my family for over 40-years and lost her battle with ovarian cancer in 2017.  We call the race, The Run for Rama.

Last year we raised over $5,000 and had over 30 people who walked or ran in the race. If you would like to make a donation, or join us for this inspiring event, go to runforrama.com or contact us directly.

Be sure to check in with us through our weekly blog or one of our social media sites as we will continue to keep you abreast of the latest industry trends & postal happenings.

As always, thank you for your business and partnership.

Ron Royall
President, CEO

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