Celebrating 70 – Feb

As we celebrate our 70th Anniversary we will share some of our history with you throughout the year. We decided to start by sharing a BEB newsletter that was published in February 1963. Click the link below to see a digital copy:


Our company has always practiced what we preach. That means we use the products that we sell and use them to communicate with our clients. It is often amazing to see the dramatic changes that have taken place over long periods of time. What is equally amazing; is how many things don’t change.

For example; if you read the DM Short piece entitled “HOUSEHOLD INCREASE”, you’ll see that in 1963 the number of households in the US reached 54.65MM. An increase of 2 million based on the previous Census from 1960. That number today is 128 million and is an increase of 234% over a 56 year period!

Another great example of significant change comes when reading the feature story on the front page entitled; “How To Cut Costs and Improve Efficiency With Simplified Addressing.” This article talks about some new and cutting edge technology (a Scriptomatic Model 101-S) that uses tab cards with holes punched out to drive the select feature. Be sure to read the article as it’s an amazing trip down memory lane and we even found a picture of an old machine but we think it’s a Model 1,000.

On the other side of the equation, the basic fundamental principals of marketing have not changed at all. A good example is the first DM Short feature entitled; “GOOD MAILING LISTS”. It talks about the importance of good and accurate data/mailing lists. Knowing your audience and using data correctly remain the most important factors of any marketing campaign today.

We hope you enjoy the scanned copy of this “oldie but goodie”. It’s a bit beaten up, but it’s legible and a treasure to read; even if you’re not a postal geek. Though we postal pontiffs did break out in a smile when reading about the “new” Zone Improvement Plan that was about to be implemented in July 1963 by the USPS. That plan, also known as ZIP, was the first time the postal service started using 5 digit zip codes for expedited delivery. If you look at the return address on the newsletter; you’ll see it reads; 719 Anita St., Houston 6,
Texas. Not a 5 digit zip code in sight!

Be sure to watch for our blogs and posts on social media as we’ll be sharing more of our newsletter archive treasures throughout the year. We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane!

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