One of the most talked about trends today is where to place your packaging print.

Many fulfillment companies have taken a fresh approach and have decided to start printing INSIDE THE BOX.

Porch Poachers
As package delivery increases, so does package theft. One high-end jewelry maker brands their box on the inside instead of the outside. The outside stays plain to avoid attracting attention to its expensive contents while the inside delivers a beautiful message that reinforces the brand.

A Picture is Worth More Than One Thousand Words
Unboxing content matters. A brilliant white interior can set off beautiful photography within the container and be sure to add other branding or messaging on the inside lid for added bang of your printing bucks.

Further Instructions
Some makers are including instructions for reusing a box as a handy
household item or a kid’s craft idea. This added value contributes to overall brand love and it keeps a brand around for a much longer period of time.

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