Postal Rate Increase Rules Update

According to a blog published by the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers in June, they are becoming more optimistic that the Postal Rate Commission’s (PRC) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking issued earlier in the year is not likely to happen in January as so many of us feared.

There is a good deal of confidence that the PRC will not act on the 10-year regulatory review recommendations until after the President’s Task Force on the USPS system finishes its report due on August 10, 2018. The Task Force has received an outpouring of suggestions and the PRC is faced with milling through pages of reply comments received back in March, most denouncing their proposal.

The scheduled January postal rate increase depends on an expedited PRC decision if it is going to include rates above the CPI cap currently in place. A USPS price change also depends on Senate Confirmation of at least one Governor too, which is unlikely to quickly happen.

We’ll keep you abreast as this important ruling unfolds.

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