2016 BEB Postal Guides are Here

2016 POSTAGE RATES GOING DOWNBack in 2014, the USPS submitted an emergency rate increase (also known as an exigent rate case) to help raise $4.6 billion of lost revenue.  Congress approved it with the stipulation that once the lost revenue was recuperated, prices had to go back to the previously approved rates from May of 2015.   The money has been recaptured and postage rates will DECREASE effective April 10, 2016.  A first-class stamp will cost 47 cents, down from its current 49-cent price.

A digital version of our handy BEB Postal Guide with the new rates is attached below.

As our economy slows down and companies tighten their belts; the rate decrease offers (much needed) relief to marketing budgets.  Be sure to take advantage of the discounted rates while they last.  Step up your direct mail and be sure to mirror your direct marketing on your social sites for that extra boost.

Postal rate changes are based on the CPI (Consumer Price Index) which will most likely justify a rate increase in January of 2017.   Don’t let this unusual opportunity to mail for less pass you by.


If you would like to receive a FREE printed copy of the 2016 BEB Postal Guide (printed on 8.5 X 11 Card Stock), click here.

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