Google confirms a buy button is coming

GOOGLE LOGOGoogle’s buy buttons are coming to mobile search within the next few weeks, the company announced at a New York City event today. Business Insider reports that the new feature, which lets you order items directly through sponsored results on Google Search from your smartphone, is called Purchases on Google. Your payment information is stored directly with Google, and the company also hosts the checkout pages that come up whenever you tap on a product ad.

To start, Google is partnering up with “a dozen or so” retailers, who will handle order fulfillment and be able to customize Google’s purchase page with their own logo and familiar branding. Consumers can also search for other items within these dedicated retailer sections. Purchase on Google will gradually expand to include more retail partners in the United States through the rest of this year and into 2016.

Google is taking other steps to assist retailers and shopping apps. Among them is deep linking; Business Insider says Google Search will now send you directly to eBay and other apps whenever you tap on a sponsored search result from that respective retailer. Search is also getting smarter about responding to natural voice queries that are related to shopping, and Google Now is adding two new cards: one displays product reviews and another helps you track a product’s price so you can jump on it whenever there’s a sale

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