How To Read A QR Code

MCM READYDon’t know how to read a QR Code?  Don’t worry, we can show you how!
Go to your app store, and search for QR Code reader.  Most apps are free, and they’re rated.  The more stars shown by the name, the more positive reviews.  Choose and app and download.  Most apps have a short step-by-step tutorial, read through the instructions and you’re ready to scan!
When the view on your phone looks like you’re ready to take a picture (don’t get too close!) you’re ready to scan!
The scan should happen instantly and you should be taken to a website, video or landing page.  Go ahead and try it!

Can you read the QR Code below?

If you’re having trouble, don’t hesitate to call us; we’ll be happy to help!
And remember, if you have a BEB-Calendar be sure to scan the QR Code for each month; we’ve left a special message for you!

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