Marketing for Local Nonprofits

We have had an overwhelming response to our award winning Marketing for Local Business Seminar Series.  In the process; we have had several companies request that we develop a series focused on nonprofits.  We are in the process of creating that series now.  We have reached out to national influencers to contribute and partner with these presentations.  We will review:

  • The impending USPS rate hike for nonprofits – Leo Raymond of Mailers Hub
  • How to compensate for upcoming postage increases through grants and other measures
  • What prompts people to donate – tips on creating your direct mail campaigns
  • How to use your direct mail campaign content in the digital realm through blogs, email marketing and social media

This series will be conducted at an offsite facility from 10am – 3pm with lunch included to be scheduled in mid-to-late September 2018.  If you have an interest in this series, please click here and we’ll contact you with details.

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