Special Finance Lead Generation for Auto Dealers

Business Extension Bureau (BEB) has been in business since 1949, and our data division is the largest compiler of consumer bankruptcy data in the nation. We have been selling consumer bankruptcy data for over 25 years and sold over 5 million records to over 100 dealers nationwide last year. Our proven Bankruptcy (BK) program works, and we are looking for a dealer that doesn’t already have a program in place. We want to make you the best subprime dealership in your market. One of our dealerships is currently selling 15 – 20 cars per month by using our BK Program.

Our BK Program combines the freshest data available with the power of an affordable and successful direct mail program. No, direct mail is not dead. It is an incredible digital driving machine that attracts people to your website, (boosting your website traffic by double digits is the norm), prompts people to visit your lot, generates phone calls and emails. All components of selling cars.

We pull 5,000 records a month of people who have recently discharged or are about to discharge from bankruptcy. We will mail a letter in an envelope that is branded specifically to your dealership. We’ll presort files for maximum postal savings, print, fold and address the letter and envelope, and drop it at the post office. All you do is answer the phone and email inquiries. You already know how to put them in the car!

Our knowledge and expertise on how to pull the data makes our program different from others. We don’t just sell data; we compile it directly from courthouses, nationwide. Our BK Program also includes mailing daily leads! You are getting fresh leads all month long.

Contact us today and we will give you a quote on a test mailing. You can let the results sell you on the program. We offer competitive pricing on an annual/monthly program too.

Call Roland “Ro” Royall at 713-275-9046 or email ror@bebtexas.com



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