Special Holiday Offer

96% of People Surveyed Said They Would Attend Church If Invited*


Increase attendance, neighborhood fellowship and church membership by sending a simple invitation to the families in your neighborhood.  You can mail a beautiful invitation using a jumbo postcard (sized 6X11″), created specifically for your organization and in full color to 3,000 residences surrounding your facility for only .40 cents each – INCLUDING POSTAGE!

Contact us at 713-528-5568.  Ask for Roland, Angel, Diane or Joy Z.  We’ll learn more about your unique offering and create a custom postcard.  We will print it, and mail it to 3,000 residences surrounding your location. 

$1,200 over your budget?  That’s okay, we are offering the same package for 2,000 cards at for only .52 cents each – INCLUDING POSTAGE. 

Direct mail works; if you haven’t tried it, or it has been a long time; call us now.  You can use the art created for your mailing to post on social media sites and add a link onto your website using the same art.  You will see an increase in web traffic almost immediately when you use direct mail; and it’s a fantastic way to touch those families around you.  Call us today!


Learn more about us by clicking here.  BEB has been in business since 1949 and we are the most established marketing production company in the Houston area.  Family owned, and second generation run; we have an excellent reputation for delivering.  Marketing production includes List Compilation and Acquisition, Printing, Direct Mail, Websites, Social Media, and Video Marketing.  We even offer classes; Marketing for Local Business Seminar Series.  These award winning series sell out every time, click here for more details.

*from Christianity Today; “10 Surprises of the Unchurched”


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