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6¢ First Class stamp

1970As we continue our story on Direct Mail Diamonds from the past, check out this gem we uncovered from December 1970.

Men made up 71% of our national workforce and the marketing message reflects it.  Check out the reply card; “Gentlemen: I am interested in discussing…”

This piece was printed on textured card stock using 2 colors (which was leading edge), and the reply card is business reply mail.  Note the First Class, 6¢ Stamp with Franklin D Roosevelt’s image on the outgoing envelope.

The content is solid direct marketing that stands the test of time.  The marketer discusses the importance of a mail list and reviews how to better target.  It reads; “We can even breakdown lists by area, income, automobile, hobbies or club affiliations.”  Using demographics to identify your audience is the fundamental marketing principle that holds true today.  The complexities of our list compilations have significantly increased, and the messaging has changed to incorporate a more diverse audience.  However, the basics of direct mail remain unchanged and are unquestionably one of the most powerful and lasting forms of advertising today.


  • The annual inflation rate was 5.8%
  • The average US Salary was $9,400
  • One gallon of gas cost 36¢
  • We celebrated the first Earth Day
  • 100,000 people demonstrated in Washington DC against the Vietnam War.
  • #1 Pop Song in the nation was “My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison
  • #1 movie was “Love Story”