Summer Camps & Email

Email campaigns work. We have a client that offers summer camps as part of their service offering. In the spring, they paid for a booth at a local event that promoted family friendly products and services. We printed fliers promoting summer camps and different types of lessons ranging in price from $200 up to $400.

During the event, they had a drawing for a free, 1-hour lesson and collected names, email  addresses and phone numbers from attendees. By the end of the show, they had collected 99 prospect names.

The following day, we input the information into their email database and generated 2 emails. The first email was announcing the winner of the drawing with instructions on how to collect their prize.

The second email was to the 98 individuals that did not win. The email offered a 25% discount on a summer camp, as a way of saying thank you for dropping by their booth.

Both emails were sent within 24-hours after the show. The results are typical and confirm the benefits of using email blasts.

The promotion email had 16 bounces (16%). That is very high, but it is normal for a show. People had to hand-write their information and often it is difficult to decipher handwritten information. 82 emails were successfully delivered.

    • 58 (70%) people opened the email, 131 times, an average of 2.2 times each
    • 8 (9.8%) people clicked onto a link. There were 3 links to choose from:
      • Summer Camp Link (3 people)
      • Lessons Link (3 people)
      • Home page to their website (2)

Three people purchased summer camps directly from the email campaign generating $1,200 in sales. In addition, one person signed up for six-months of private lessons ($1,800) and another signed up for group lessons for 2 months ($400) bringing the total sales from the email to $3,400.

Quality targets, timing, eye catching graphics, compelling content, and a call to action make for extremely successful email campaigns. If you aren’t incorporating email in your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on sales.