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Informed Address Where There’s No Address At All!

The Postal Service has put an emphasis on enhancing the customer experience by evolving the marketing in the digital world. The USPS is now piloting a new technology platform called Informed Address (IA).

The concept will enable mail to be sent and delivered without a physical address. Instead, Informed Address allows recipients to use identifiers that include email, social media handles, or a custom name for mail processing and delivery functions.

Informed Address will replace the delivery point with a unique code where the usual IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcode) is substituted with an “Informed Address IMB”, which contains the physical address information. This allows customers the enhanced privacy and identity protection, as marketers will no longer need to obtain or hold a physical address for their mail communications.

During the testing period, the USPS will assess consumer engagement, gauge mailer interest, and determine technical feasibility. This new technology provides the opportunity for marketers to provide additional services, including vanity address development and enhanced targeting for B2B and B2C marketing.