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Top 10 Reasons It’s Going to be Alright #1


Okay, we KNOW that this bit of fantastic won’t last. In the meantime though – Houston traffic is AWESOME! We are moving at lightning speed and with little aggravation on our highways and WE ARE LOVING IT!
Stay safe and healthy out there, and thanks for taking this “ride for fun” with us!

Top 10 Reasons It’s Going to be Alright #2

#2) People Really Do Care

Through all of the sadness, anger, and disappointment floating around; our faith in mankind remains true. Everyday, all over the city we witness acts of kindness. People really do care. People are volunteering at their local food bank or schools to help distribute needed groceries, landlords are forgiving rent, and people are sharing items to help ease the burden for someone other than themselves. Human kindness is overflowing and we are glad of it.

Top 10 Reasons It’s Going to be Alright #3

#3) Family Time

We see it everywhere now. And truth be told, we hadn’t seen it for a long, long time. Families, together, getting outside and enjoying parks and their community greenbelts.
It’s comforting to see families exercising together, talking with one another, and not focusing on their phones. We hope this change stays a prominent part of our lifestyles going forward.


Top 10 Reasons It’s Going to be Alright #4

#4) Streaming

Thank goodness the era of reality shows has ended. And thank goodness that streaming companies are serving up some fantastic content! Hulu Sling TV and Netflix (to name just a few) are providing excellent and compelling original content. Shows like, World On Fire, Ozark, and Feel Good cover a wide array of topics with top notch scripts and actors.

Top 10 Reasons It’s Going to be Alright #5

#5) Laughter

It seems to us that the sense of humor index is rising higher and higher. There have been some super funny Memes, Tik-Toks and social posts circulating and no topic is off-limits! Politicians, parasites, and pontiffs are all joining in the laughter. Share something funny with someone today!

Top 10 Reasons It’s Going to be Alrigh #6

#6) Mobile Margaritas

There simply isn’t a good reason for anybody to go without adult beverages in the Houston metropolitan area right now. Great restaurants are making it easy to enjoy your favorite libations even in this social distancing environment. Spec’s Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods, Total Wine & More (Sugar Land, TX) , and other great companies will deliver your favorite wine to your door or offer curbside pick up!

Top 10 Reasons It’s Going to be Alright #8

#8) Office Fashion

Who knew that bunny slippers would become an acceptable option for dressing for work! There are many benefits to working from home and our favorite is working in our PJ’s.
(shhhh-we know that a couple of our staff have worked while in their PJ’s; but we won’t name names…Angel Wiener-Vierna,Veronica Comisso,Kerry DiCapua, and Shannon Johnson!


Top 10 Reasons It’s Going To Be Alright. #10

 #10.) 14oz H-E-B Pico de Gallo

If you live (or have ever lived) in Texas, you know that H-E-B is a FANTASTIC store. You would also know that they sell handmade in the store, pico de gallo that tastes FANTASTIC. This Texas staple is normally sold in 4oz or 8oz sizes. Ever since this craziness began, H-E-B is offering pico in 14oz servings! Yup, that’s one way we know that everything is going to be alright. #itsgoingtobealright