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Holiday Marketing Tips

Marketing Tips for the HolidaysDATA
The holiday season is the most lucrative time for so many businesses, including nonprofit organizations. Be courteous and conscientious to your existing and potential clients, be sure to run your database against the deceased file before you mail.

Traditional thinking equates the kick-off of holiday shopping with the day after Thanksgiving. The online shopping revolution has changed the rules of the game. Research shows that holiday spending starts to increase as early as the beginning of October and many large companies start their direct marketing campaigns before Thanksgiving. One thing is clear: consumers are ready to spend before November. Don’t miss out on early sales, mail today.

Create or join in a special hashtag specifically created to engage your followers. This holiday season, BEB will promote the hashtag #HolidayFav (Holiday Favorites). We’ll ask our audience to share their favorites through the entire holiday season, won’t you join us?