Read a super interesting article by Arielle Feger on Insiderintelligence.com. It was called, “What Marketers Need To Know About Gen Alpha.

Who are Gen Alpha? They are people ages 9 through 24; the children of millennials and Gen Z.  It’s fascinating to see how Gen Alphas are shaping up to be a unique generation. According to Razorfish, they are more than just a younger version of Gen Z. Gen Alphas value sharing their views and opinions, even at a young age, and they want to be empowered with a voice. They have high expectations and are mindful of the world around them.

Interestingly, when it comes to managing their mental health, Gen Alphas prefer activities like going outside or exercising, rather than relying on technology. This shows a different approach compared to Gen Z, who tends to practice self-care through pampering themselves.

One factor contributing to this difference is their early exposure to technology. Gen Alphas have grown up with devices from an early age, leading to a higher level of brand maturity at a younger age. This might translate into holding brands to higher standards and demanding accountability as they grow older.

Gen Alphas have also shown a strong inclination towards YouTube, with over half of them discovering brands through YouTube videos. This generation finds excitement and control in self-directed content, such as unboxing videos or watching YouTubers play video games. As marketers, it’s crucial to recognize the influence YouTube has on Gen Alpha and consider incorporating it into brand strategies.

To effectively connect with Gen Alpha, marketers should craft unique messaging that resonates with their values and aspirations. Additionally, brands must go beyond traditional technology to provide innovative digital experiences. Finally, being present on YouTube is essential for marketers who want to capture Gen Alpha’s attention.

In summary, Gen Alphas are shaping up to be a digitally native, purpose-driven generation with high expectations. Understanding their distinct characteristics and preferences will be key for marketers looking to engage with this influential demographic.


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