Direct Mail Case Study

The power of direct mail is amazing. Let that sink in for a minute.

We hear about the might of marketing on digital channels through social media, search words, and email; and all of those channels are excellent resources for making sales. Combine those resources with the super power of direct mail and you will see simply amazing results.

We were asked to help one of our client’s research the ROI on a marketing campaign conducted last spring. At the start of the campaign, we were invited to help research and identify criteria of their ‘perfect’ client.  This customer is a membership-based organization, and once we were clear on the demographics; we went to work on obtaining a multitude of databases (including their own house list).

The mailing list is hands down, THE MOST IMPORTANT COMPONENT of a direct mail campaign.

The client put together some beautiful graphics and powerful messaging combined with a CALL TO ACTION and we were ready to launch.

We used 14 different lists including the client’s lapsed member list, shared lists and seven purchased lists from a wide variety of sources.

The mailing was sent to 330,000 people and produced over 5,200 memberships (1.6%). They collected over $780,000 in membership revenue and 29% of that came from new members which represents projected additional earnings of  $650,000 over three-years.

The entire job including postage cost approximately $98,000 to produce and netted over $780,000 in revenue. That represents a 698% return on the investment.

The power of direct mail is amazing.


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