Facebook’s Latest Algorithm

The Facebook timeline is dictated by a set of algorithms used to   asses how interested an individual FB account user is with a posted story.

This is based on three steps of logic:

  • Inventory: Stories you have not seen from your friends and the pages that you follow.
  • Signals: Information FB has available to make informed decisions about your likes such as:
    • Age of post
    • Who posted the story
    • How fast is your internet speed when accessed
    • Type of phone or electronic device you are using
    • What kind of content may be problematic to you
      • Spam
      • Click Bait
      • False News
    • Predictions: FB determines how likely you are to comment, share, hide or report each story.

Facebook collects a few dozen predictions then weight them.  After, they roll them up into a relevancy score and present posts to your timeline based on those scores.

The stories in your newsfeed are likely to by chronological because the age of a story is one of the determining signals.  However, it is not strictly so.



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