From the President – January 2013

Ron Bi-LineWhat an eventful year 2012 has been.  Felix Baumgartner jumped from the edge of space to earth faster than any human ever, breaking Mach 1.  Double amputee Oscar Pistorius qualified and competed in the 400 meter relay at the Summer Olympics.  From a global perspective, historic storms, conflict and devastation coupled with equally historic unification, expansion and caring occurred at a mind-boggling pace.
2012 was a whirlwind at BEB too.  BEBdata, our list compilation company that specializes in consumer bankruptcy data, continues to grow at lightening speed!  We overhauled the website, traveled to several shows and launched a new online suppression tool that will identify bankruptcy activity from your data uploaded to our server!

Our letter shop business received a complete face-lift too.  Direct mail is only a portion of what we offer today.  We have embraced and expanded into what we call multi-channel marketing.  Offset, digital and wide-format print has allowed us to increase service offerings to existing clients and foster new relationships,  This  year we have invested in creating a solid presence within web, social media and e-mail marketing and we focused on enhancing our 63 plus-year expertise with direct mail through programs like Postal Requirement Certification courses, increased activity with local and national industry associations and gaining expertise on multiple ways to measure return.
Our goal of better a better service provider is a journey without end and we welcome the exercise and planning required to achieve it!  In 2013 we will continue to upgrade and expand.  Ahead of schedule, we have started PHASE II of our facility updated which includes painting (internal), a new conference room, client lobby and class room!  We will conduct several more Postal classes (to clients and staff) and we have just begun the overhaul of the website.
Our new website will be interactive and in a constant state of motion.  Postal regulation or rates, information on the latest technology, marketing strategies and postal happenings will be available on our online resource center or through our monthly newsletters, e-mail blasts and social media outlets.  We have had an incredibly positive response from you regarding our recent communications and we are thankful for your input and appreciation!  To show our thanks, we have created our first BEB Wall Calendar!  If you haven’t received one yet, you will soon and we hope you enjoy!  Call us if you need a couple more.  Of course, our favorite way to communicate is in person and we will be sure to retain the personal touch for which we’re known.
In closing, Happy New Year to you and yours and thank you, sincerely for your business.

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