Geographic Segmentation

The four types of Marketing Segmentation are Demographic, Psychographic, Behavioral, and Geographic. Today we review Geographical.

Geographic segmentation groups users based on location. It is put into play when a user’s location is likely to influence their buying behavior, or their consumer wants and needs.

Businesses that are location driven benefit immensely from this type of segmentation. For example, dry cleaners or pizza restaurants (especially those that deliver) are considered location driven businesses. Most of their clients live or work within close proximity of the business.

The size of a community also plays a part in geographic segmentation. One company may market lawn mowers to rural communities where most residents have a yard but target city dwellers with weed trimmers or leaf blowers for manicuring lawns or sidewalks.

Taking the time to research your customer base and study your data can only benefit your business and stretch your marketing dollars far.

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