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January 2017 QR Code

Have you scanned January’s QR code from your new 2017 BEB-Business Extension Bureau calendar?
We have a special message for you!

If you don’t have a calendar yet and would like one, please feel free to contact us at 713.528.5568 and we’ll send one right out!

You can also click here to see it!

2016 Calendars Are Here

FACEBOOK CALENDAR PITCH BEB TEXAS BEBdataOur award winning, interactive calendars are ready!  If you haven’t already received one, and would like one (or more), click here and we’ll send you yours right away!

The BEB Calendars have a QR Code for each month.  Scan it, and you’ll receive a special message from us throughout the year!  Last year, our calendars were scanned over 1,500 times.  Join in the fun today.  Check out the January QR Code message here.