28 Countries Watch BEBTX!

We finished updating statistics from our BEBTX YouTube channel and discovered some interesting facts:

Our videos…

  • have been watched over 2,300 times
  • are seen in 28 different countries
  • are viewed in 36 states
  • 38.5% of the views were seen on a mobile device
  • 56% were watched from embedded videos on Facebook or Twitter
  • 16% of our views came from videos embedded on other wesbsites.
  • Our top watched videos are
  1. World Youth American Football Association promotion for playoffs in Paris, France.  70% of the total views came from the opposing teams countries of France and Germany.
  2. Association of Marketing Service Providers – Southwest Chapter promotion for their annual conference.  A testimony to the power of cross-channel marketing, this year’s conference had a record turn out of inaugural participants; 20% of the companies attending were there for the first time.
  3. 2012 – Business Extension Bureau Year in Review.
    This video debuted to our clients in our Year End newsletter (The Bureau) linked to a QR Code.  It is here we recieved 72% of it’s views however, we noted that people continued to watch this favorite!  Last view was recorded April 20, 2013!

Thank you to all of our viewers and if you haven’t seen our BEBTX Channel yet, click here to take a look! YOUTUBE-BEB CHANNEL RED

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