Direct Mail Drives Digital

2016-beb-direct-mail-drives-digital-experiences1Today, people are inundated with advertising, which can lead them to burn out and tune out.  As campaigns ramp up for the 2016 holiday season, it’s time to start thinking about effective ways to break through the clutter so your message gets heard-loud and clear.

Direct mail is the spark that can initiate action.  Year after year, it continues to prove itself as one of the most engaging and effective channels.

Not only is direct mail a proven backbone for digital experiences, it is a unique platform that enables you to micro-target and measure campaign results.

With the ever-expanding use of technology, many are now turning to digital channels for their news and product information research.  Social, mobile and search engines have become key players in reaching and engaging both mass and targeted audiences.  Direct mail is part of a multi-channel campaign can play a big role in propelling buyers toward digital experiences.

Why does multi-channel marketing work?  Using a variety of media channels – from mobile to print to online ads – can help stave off the standard/expected trailing response rate of campaigns.  This strategy can result in upticks or surges, allowing you to extend your reach and strengthen your message’s impact.

Digitally enabled direct mail can be highly effective because it:

  • Merges tangible and digital elements that can stimulate the recipient’s senses while instantly delivering relevant information.
  • Helps break through the “noise” to bolster engagement.



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