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Direct Mail Drives Digital

2016-beb-direct-mail-drives-digital-experiences1Today, people are inundated with advertising, which can lead them to burn out and tune out.  As campaigns ramp up for the 2016 holiday season, it’s time to start thinking about effective ways to break through the clutter so your message gets heard-loud and clear.

Direct mail is the spark that can initiate action.  Year after year, it continues to prove itself as one of the most engaging and effective channels.

Not only is direct mail a proven backbone for digital experiences, it is a unique platform that enables you to micro-target and measure campaign results.

With the ever-expanding use of technology, many are now turning to digital channels for their news and product information research.  Social, mobile and search engines have become key players in reaching and engaging both mass and targeted audiences.  Direct mail is part of a multi-channel campaign can play a big role in propelling buyers toward digital experiences.

Why does multi-channel marketing work?  Using a variety of media channels – from mobile to print to online ads – can help stave off the standard/expected trailing response rate of campaigns.  This strategy can result in upticks or surges, allowing you to extend your reach and strengthen your message’s impact.

Digitally enabled direct mail can be highly effective because it:

  • Merges tangible and digital elements that can stimulate the recipient’s senses while instantly delivering relevant information.
  • Helps break through the “noise” to bolster engagement.



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PEOPLE ON THE MOVE: Diane Bandemer

Diane Bandemer at BEBJoin us in welcoming Diane Bandemer to our BEB Team. Diane is a business development manager specializing in multi-channel marketing for Houston and national markets. With 20-years of industry experience under her belt, Diane has managed data processing and client service departments as well as lead successful inside sales teams. She earned her Associate degree in Accounting from Alvin Community College and previously worked for Omnicom Group/Tabs Direct, Fiserv, and Seebridge Media. She is well versed in social media marketing and data analytics. Check out her profile on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook and connect!

Ron Royall Wins Prestigious Helsley Family Award

Our President & CEO, Ron Royall was awarded the Helsley Family Award by the Association of Ron Royall Helsley Award AMSP-SWMarketing Service Providers-Southwest Chapter in April. This prestigious award originated over 40 years ago and recognizes individuals for demonstrating a long history of significant and outstanding achievement in the mailing service industry. The award can only be won once and the recipient is selected by the previous members. The award has extra special meaning to us as our Founder, and Ron’s father, Bob Royall earned this distinguished honor in 2001. We are proud of our heritage within the marketing production industry and so very proud of Ron for earning this exclusive award.

BEB Takes Highest Honor

2014-05-01 HERMES PLATINUMWe are very excited to announce that Business Extension Bureau has earned the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP) highest industry honor, The Platinum Hermes Award for our quarterly newsletter, The Bureau.

This year’s competition was fierce, with over 5,500 entrants from all over the world vying for top honors. We are thrilled to receive the recognition, especially from the traditional media category and for a direct mail marketing piece.

BEB Named All Star by Constant Contact

The All Star Award from Constant Contact®, Inc honors e-mail marketing results. In 2013, 2013-03 Constant Contact All Star AwardBEB-Business Extension Bureau ranked among the top 10% of the Constant Contact® global customer base and achieved consistently high open rates (greater than 25%), click through rates and low bounce rates. Consideration also included companies with a high level of engagement with e-mail campaigns and/or events and significant social sharing features connected to those campaigns.

The Current State of the Economy

From the August edition of our bi-monthly newsletter, The Bureau






Ron Royall, President

At the start of the third quarter, I’m still uncertain about our current economic climate.  Recently I saw a monthly economic index from the NFIB that showed a drop in June indicating confidence among job creators isn’t there.  On the other hand, I just read an article about an analysis conducted by Bloomberg BNA that said the US economic recovery is expected to accelerate beginning in the 2nd half of 2013.

The one thing I am certain about is our commitment to you, our clients, vendors and partners.  As we continue to weather this economic storm, we have seen a tremendous amount of activity and change and are honored to work for, and with, so many great companies and people.

Our extended issue of our newsletter covers a very exciting 2nd quarter for us.  As one of the articles says; BEB has been “On A Roll” winning six awards from local, regional and national organizations, and for a wide variety of items such as our interactive holiday cards, twitter campaigns and our newsletter, The Bureau!

We’ve also launched our new website, bebtexas.com, and cordially invite you to take a tour.  It’s a living site that is in a constant state of renewal.  In addition to the traditional details of our service offerings, we share our rich and unique 64-year history while offering the latest postal and marketing news through our blog.  There are links to our Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages, and we’ve added a career page too!  Most important, we are connected to our clients through this interactive site and appreciate all of the feedback, suggestions and kudos received so far!

Other articles enclosed a summation of stats from a multi-channel marketing campaign, highlights from a meeting with the US Postmaster General Pat Donahoe, and outline of postal promotions for the remaining year and more photos showing our personal side on “The Back Wall”.

The balance of the year holds more excitement and education too.  We’ll be at several industry trade shows, we have several client trips slated on the calendar and lots of industry events (including the big PICG Oktoberfest) and soon we’ll be working on our 2014 Calendar.

No matter how bumpy the economic climate is for our businesses, BEB will continue to search for new ways to better serve your needs.  Thank you for your continued support and thank you for your business.


Ron Royall



2013-08-14 HEADER PHOTOWe were recently asked to assist a regional industry association with marketing their annual conference.  We created a multi-channel marketing campaign strategy that included direct mail, e-mail, tweets & Facebook posts, and video marketing.

Our audience consisted of the association’s current membership, lapsed members from a three-year period, and two targeted lists of prospective companies.  Prospects were identified through a partnership with a similar industry association and targeted businesses based on SIC codes within a five-segment, geographic area.

The campaign rendered attendance from over 30 companies, across the nation and Australia.  Twenty percent of the companies were first-time attendees and eight percent of the lapsed market was recaptured.

Direct mail brought the largest returns as 57.5% of the total registrations occurred within 10 days after a mailing and 57.1% of first-time registrations occurred within the same time frame.  We also saw that 33% of our total webpage traffic occurred within a ten-day period after a mailing.

E-mails that emulated the mail pieces and followed a mailing brought the second highest amount of activity.  Within 72-hours after a direct mail/e-mail,  23.1% of our total website hits occurred and 12.1% of attendees registered.

2013-08-14 CONF REGISTRATION CHARTGeneric e-mail blasts brought also brought 12.1% of the total registrations and comprised 15.8% of the total website activity within the 120-day campaign.

The social media component brought interesting results as well.  Nearly 25% of all website activity (24.7%) occurred on the day of positing on Facebook or Twitter, using a link connected to the website.  We noted that 14.6% of registrations occurred on days where social media was the only form of marketing used.

Seven videos were created and uploaded onto YouTube during the 120-day campaign bringing 399 views.  One-third of all views came from the inaugural, two-minute, introduction video that outlined location, topics and speakers.  Daily, 30-second spots, highlighting schedules for the three-day conference were watched by 18.7% of the registrants and accessed from a QR-Code conveniently placed on the cover of the conference program.

2013-08-14 WEBSITE ACTIVITY CHARTIn conclusion, the conference was a profitable and successful venture for the association.  Revenues were 13.4% higher than the previous year and first-time attendees were up 3.9% from 2011.

BEB at Dallas Postal Customer Council

2012-09 Dallas PCC and BEB logo for landing pageWe were invited to conduct two sessions at the Dallas PCC (Postal Customer Council) annual event for National PCC Day.
Our own Joy Zerbach talked about how to implement multi-channel marketing* and how to measure results from campaigns.  The Conference was packed and a great time was had by all!

*Multi-Channel Marketing is when more than one type of media is used within a campaign such as direct amil followed by an e-mail blast.