Postal Class 101 A Hit!

2012-12 The bureau EinstineBEB-Business Extension Bureau conducts a seminar to make USPS Postal Rates and Regulations EASY TO UNDERSTAND!! Several of our clients have already been through our 30-minute class!  We have reviewed the new rates and regulations with several of our clients’ in-house graphic artists, procurement staff and marketing associates.
As you understand the changes better, you will also understand the effects those changes have on your postal rates.
We will discuss the new regulations surrounding FSM – Folded Self-Mailers, teach you how to estimate postage quickly for budgeting and review the latest happenings in Washington as it pertains to Postal Reform.
We’ll be happy to come to your location, set up a meeting at our facility – located in the Museum District of Houston – or conduct an online webinar.  We’ll create a seminar suited for you and your staff.  Contact us to set up a POSTAL 101 class today!

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