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Vacation Daze – A Newsletter from August 1966

TOM'S PRINT SHOP LETTER FROM AUGUST 1966The first is a newsletter from a company called Tom’s Print Shop in Zanesville, Ohio from August 1966.  The mail piece covers some interesting dates with fun facts such as August 1, 1659- William Prynne, an English Puritan and member of Parliament, opened a crusade against bobbed hair for women and August 5, 1884- Cornerstone laid for pedestal of Statue of Liberty.
There is an article on Hamburgers, stating that more than 70 million were eaten every day in America in 1966, while today over 100 million are consumed daily.  An article on a boating boom, a piece on Economic Waste reviews the cost to clean up litter and a review of the “new” IRS computers are also included.  My favorite is entitled Woman’s Touch.   It’s below, and I hope you enjoy!

Women in Business 1966It seems to me that being a woman in business, in the finest sense, means being always a pleasure to work with and supplying the qualities that women best supply in business – serenity and calm, grace in all situations, warmth, strength, and intelligent understanding.  And being a woman in business means using to the full, women’s special creative abilities on the job – whatever it may be.  So look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man and work like a dog, but I urge you be a woman. – Mrs. Jean Simpson, Vice President