44 Years Ago…

2013-04 The Whole Crew at Rick's Retirement Party in PaintFrom left to right:  Jim Tardy, Ron Royall, Kitty Tardy, Ro Royall, Ann Royall, Bob Royall, Cathy Vidock and Rick Vidock.

Last night we celebrated the beginning of a new chapter in Rick and Cathy Vidock’s lives!  Rick Vidock ran our operation and worked at BEB for 44-years along with his wife Cathy Vidock, a 42-year BEB veteran!  They retired last year and have been busy fishing down in the Gulf and traveling about.  It took us a while to be able to gather the crew together and say CONGRATULATIONS!

2013-04 Rick & Cathy Vidock at Rick's retirement partyIt was here at BEB that Rick swept Cathy off her feet and asked her to be his wife!

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