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And the next USPS PMG is….

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Joy Zerbach, VP

I’m a fan of our current US Postmaster General Pat Donahoe.  It’s not often that a USPS ‘guy’ is willing to think out of the box or make bold moves, especially if those moves may be unpopular or painful.  I’ve heard some say that he lacks long-term vision.  However, Donahoe has some big and immediate problems to solve before he can communicate in detail, what he foresees as the sustainable USPS of the future.  I worry that he will grow tired of constant push back from Congress about the most basic, common sense and simplistic changes and surrender his noble fight for reform by resigning.


From L-R Karen DeWolfe (InterlinkOne), USPMG Patrick Donahoe and Joy Z

Rumors are already buzzing in Washington that the 57-year old Donahoe will retire this summer and speculation is that Deputy Postmaster General Ron Stroman will step into Donahoe’s spot.  Let’s hope that Mr. Donahoe keeps the boxing gloves on and continues to fight for the needed changes to our current postal service.  He is well-spoken, has the ability to communicate clearly to the masses and he certainly has more patience that I could (ever) hope!  He’s also getting the word out to the public and is leading the charge for change.  I hope he stays around a while longer!


Ron Royall in PostScripts

2012-12 POSTSCRIPTS BEBFor the second time in 2012, BEB-Business Extension Bureau was featured in the national magazine known as PostScripts!  PostScripts is a monthly publication for the Association of Marketing Service Providers, (formerly known as the MFSA-Mailing and Fulfillment Services Association).
Our very own President, Ron Royall, is also President of the Southwest Chapter of this very prestigious industry association.  We were featured because we hosted the annual October luncheon, held this year in Houston, Texas.  This sold-out event is a preamble to the Southwest Conference held in April 2013, which we’re also hosting!