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Ron Royall Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

The Association of Marketing Service Providers, Southwest Chapter presented it’s lifetime achievement honor, The Helsley Family Award, to Ron Royall, President and CEO of BEB-Business Extension Bureau.

Ron just figured out that he was this year's recipient of the prestigious AMSP-SW Helsley Family Award.

Ron just figured out that he was this year’s recipient of the prestigious AMSP-SW Helsley Family Award.

The presentation was made at the association’s 2014 annual convention in April.  Since its inception in 1971, this award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated a long history of significant and outstanding achievement in the marketing service provider industry.  It can only be won once, and past recipients select each new winner.  Royall is a second-generation Helsley Family Award recipient as his father, Robert “Bob” Royall, founder of BEB-Texas, was presented the honor in 2001.

BEB is a family owned, marketing production company, founded in 1949 and located in the museum district of Houston, Texas.  Ron Royall earned his degree in accounting and finance from Texas A&M in 1984 and started his career as a tax accountant with Arthur Andersen, the largest accounting firm in the world at the time.

Returning to the family business to help with a transitional period in 1991, Royall grew the business by upgrading the company’s computer system, expanding service offerings and constructing the financial arm of the creation of BEBdata.  BEBdata is one of the largest consumer bankruptcy data compilers in the U.S. today.

Bob Royall, turned over the reins as CEO to his son, Ron, in 2007 to lead the company and face the challenges surrounding the recession. Under the second-generation Royall, the company has grown.  Revenues increased by 15%, expanding service offerings now include strategic marketing plans, analytics, and full service printing which includes offset, digital, and wide-format.  A leader in social marketing media, BEB has received multiple awards for their social media, video marketing, and direct mail campaigns.




On A ROLL, From The Bureau

2013-03 WE WONWe have been on a roll and are so excited to have been honored six times in the past month!

April brought us an Award of Excellence from the Printing Industries of the Gulf Coast for our bi-monthly newsletter, The Bureau, and two Awards of Merit for our 2012 interactive company holiday cards.  

Our President, Ron Royall, received the President’s Award from the Southwest Chapter of the Association of Marketing Service Providers for his planning, execution and hosting of the annual industry conference held in Houston this year.2013 HERMES GOLD AWARD GRAPHIC FOR PS

In May, our Twitter campaign (@BEB_BOB) wasbob crystal awards honored (twice), with a Gold Hermes from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, (AMCP) and a Crystal Awards Certificate of Excellence from AMA Houston.

AMCP also awarded us with an Honorable Mention for The Bureau.

June brought us the distinguished honor of winning First Place for the National Association of Marketing Service Providers, Ed Sisk Excellence in Education Award for our PRC (Postal Regulation Certification) class; an internal postal training class for sales, client services and operations staff.

We were named in the Houston Business Journal’s 2013 Top Houston Printers for the first time, and were published 3 times in national publications!

It’s our customers and partners who give us the fuel to continue to improve and dive into the new media that is giving direct mail a resurgence.  We are honored to be the recipient of these distinguished awards and thank your for your patronage!


August PostScripts Magazine

2013-08 Postscripts - BEB We were thrilled to see that we were included in this month’s National Association of Marketing Service Providers (AMSP) publication, PostScripts!

The August edition features the year’s winners from the Awards of Excellence program.  Each year the AMSP holds a gala, celebrating excellence and innovation in the marketing service provider industry,  Companies across the nation compete within eight categories and are measured by an independent panel of judges.  Winners are revealed and awards distributed during the association’s annual conference in June.

PRC LOGOBEB (Business Extension Bureau) took home the top prize as we accepted a first place win for the Ed Sisk Excellence in Education Award for our internal PRC (Postal Certification Certification) program.  The program’s purpose is to raise competence of postal compliance with our staff.  Required participants include sales, client service representatives, operations managers and company executives.  We encourage all BEB employees to enroll in the class, which is available to staff twice a year.

2012-PRC Kristin with her CertificateRecent graduate Kristin Howell (DP) shows off her framed PRC certificate.  Kristin participated in the inaugural class and scored the highest within her class on the final exam!

The course covers 12 modules and classes are conducted in 10, 90-minute intervals over a period of 8 weeks.  The course is completed after participants pass a 100 question written test, and an 80% accuracy rate must be met to earn a diploma.

PRC CERTIFICATIONCreation and execution of this program has brought a level of postal knowledge confidence throughout the company.  Because the course is comprehensive and participants must make a significant amount of commitment time, we have a high success rate.  Also, we must use the program as a means to recognize and praise our employees.  Certificates are awarded in a ceremonial setting in front of the entire company and each certificate is personalized, framed, and presented by the president of the company (who also earned his certification)!

Graduates overall confidence level and comprehension of postal regulations has increased significantly.  They are able to identify when to ask questions, and are comfortable with how and where to find answers.  Through our increased postal expertise, our clients use us an information source more often, and we’re included earlier in the planning stages of programs.

Multi-channel Marketing that includes e-mail works!

2013-04-03 email last call STATSWe’re compiling date from our marketing efforts to drive attendance to an industry association annual conference held in April.  The campaign included direct mail, e-mail, social media and networking.  The first group of data we are gathering is the e-mail returns.  This e-mail was sent 60-days prior to the event and focused on the golf tournament and offered links to the other aspects of the conference.  We achieved a 27.3% Open Rate, 16.3% click rate, 0.4% opt out and registered 6 people within 24-hours of it being sent.

That’s success!

Conference Hosted by BEB Makes National Publication!

2013-06 POSTSCRIPTS ARTICLE ON THE CONFERENCEDuring the 2012/2013 term, our President Ron Royall, served as President of the Southwest Chapter of the Association of Marketing Service Providers.  This prestigious chapter has a 50+ history and is part of the national AMSP organization.  AMSP has been in existence for over 90-years and is dedicated to the education and legislative advocacy of the print, mail and fulfillment industry.  As Chapter President, Ron was responsible for the planning, promotion, sales and implementation of two regional events during his term.  We are thrilled to report that both events were successful and the national association featured our BEB Hosted Annual Conference in this month’s PostScripts Magazine!  At the close of the conference in April, Ron handed over the President’s gavel to the 2013/2014 incoming Chapter President, Stan Hastings (Commercial Mail Service).  You can read the feature in it’s entirety here.  It is our second mention in this month’s, nationally published, PostScripts magazine!

And the next USPS PMG is….

B&W Joy Z w-Logo




Joy Zerbach, VP

I’m a fan of our current US Postmaster General Pat Donahoe.  It’s not often that a USPS ‘guy’ is willing to think out of the box or make bold moves, especially if those moves may be unpopular or painful.  I’ve heard some say that he lacks long-term vision.  However, Donahoe has some big and immediate problems to solve before he can communicate in detail, what he foresees as the sustainable USPS of the future.  I worry that he will grow tired of constant push back from Congress about the most basic, common sense and simplistic changes and surrender his noble fight for reform by resigning.


From L-R Karen DeWolfe (InterlinkOne), USPMG Patrick Donahoe and Joy Z

Rumors are already buzzing in Washington that the 57-year old Donahoe will retire this summer and speculation is that Deputy Postmaster General Ron Stroman will step into Donahoe’s spot.  Let’s hope that Mr. Donahoe keeps the boxing gloves on and continues to fight for the needed changes to our current postal service.  He is well-spoken, has the ability to communicate clearly to the masses and he certainly has more patience that I could (ever) hope!  He’s also getting the word out to the public and is leading the charge for change.  I hope he stays around a while longer!


2013 MFSA-SW Conference

kenKen Garner, President of the National Association of Marketing Service Providers is speaking at the 2013 AMSP-SW Conference this morning.  He’s asked the question, “What is the USPS long-term vision other than cost cutting?”
Ken is also talking about creating a sustainable competitive advantage for our clients and how to create greater value.  The continuous change of the industry is our largest challenge AND our best ally.