Content Myth No. 5

There is so much content available, you don’t have to always post original content.  Many bloggers will be happy to “guest blog” on your behalf.  Ask a colleague to pen a quick article on something happening in your industry.  Also, feel free to use another person’s blog or article, just be sure to recognize them and be extra courteous by adding a backlink to their article or site.  You will be (pleasantly) surprised at how many people will reciprocate.

Content Myth No. 4

Content marketing is a process that takes time. You can’t expect to see results overnight. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time, and it certainly doesn’t mean it can’t be measured. Use metrics that will help you measure activity. Pay attention to things like page views, downloads, time on site, subscriptions, paid versus organic search traffic, repeat versus new visitors, social likes and shares and cost per lead.

Content marketing is an extremely powerful tool and is an excellent resource for organic SEO. It allows you to develop long-lasting relationships with your clients and prospects and is critical at all stages of your customer journey.

Content Myth No.3

Content marketing should be woven into every touchpoint—online and offline—that you have with a customer. It can play an important role in more traditional direct marketing campaigns and even in-person sales meetings. Remember, content marketing is ultimately an experience that you’re creating for your target audience, built around a narrative that ties back to your business.

Inspired by http://www.chiefmarketer.com/5-content-marketing-myths-bust-2018/

Content Myth No. 2

Content marketing is a powerful tool for both acquisition and retention. It’s also a great way to explain a complex process, product or service. B2B’s longer sales cycle means prospects often spend more time at the top of the funnel, creating multiple opportunities for engagement and lead nurturing via content.

Use content to guide prospects along their decision journey and warm them up for a conversation with your sales team when they’re ready. Once converted, create content to welcome new clients or customers and reinforce that they made the right decision. Then strengthen the relationship and keep them engaged with ongoing content.  Exercise your expertise by sharing the latest information or trends.

Inspired by http://www.chiefmarketer.com/5-content-marketing-myths-bust-2018/

Content Myth No. 1

We’re busting 5 Content Marketing Myths!

Never sacrifice quality for quantity. Instead of pushing out content for the sake of doing it, take the time to understand your audience, research how they consume content and develop a plan. Spend time creating a few pieces of quality content.

Learn to repurpose. For example, you can break up a white paper into several blog posts and social media updates, or reimagine an infographic as a short video. The possibilities are endless.

Inspired by http://www.chiefmarketer.com/5-content-marketing-myths-bust-2018/