Opposites Attract

BUREAU 1 - TWITTER PICTURE 3 OF 5We are often asked, “Do newsletters really work?”.   We’re also often asked, “What relevance does social media have on your business”.  The two venues seem to appeal to opposite audiences, however, we’ve found they are a match made in heaven.  Below are some surprising results.

Since the creation of our bi-monthly newsletter last September, it has generated 10.5% of our new business revenue in 2012. 14% was from reactivated accounts, clients that have done business with us in the past, but not for more than one calendar year.  Afer each mailing, our website landing activity increased on average by 16.3%.


  • 51% of our active client base has a presence on Twitter.
  • 100% of new clients acquired since creating our own presence on Twitter in September, are active on Twitter.

We conducted an in-depth analysis of one of our 8 Twitter accounts (@BEB_BOB) and rendered the following results.
1.  Today there are 432 following @BEB_BOB.
2.  16% of the followers are relevant to our business today and are made up of the following categories:

  • 38.8% Industry Education Accounts
  • 20.9% Prospective Clients we are actively pursuing
  • 10.4% Active Clients, representing 12% of our annual revenue
  • 9% Employees
  • 9% Vendors
  • 6% Competitors
  • 6% Industry Associations
    Real and relevant results from perceived opposite platforms.  Direct mail and social media are an excellent and revenue generating combination.



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