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The Urban FF Center

What is larger than 14 football fields, has twice as many robots as human workers, and handles 50% more inventory than traditional warehouses? – Amazon’s first New York City distribution center.

Located in Staten Island, this urban fulfillment center can package more than one million items a day during its busiest period even though the site is 20% smaller than a typical Amazon fulfillment center.

In urban settings, space must be used with military precision combined with automation that allows for building up rather than spreading out. Computerized pickers that are approximately the size of a robotic vacuum, pick up inventory that is stored on shelves and then deliver the items to a human associate at a workstation. This limits the number of steps an individual has to take and allows storage of more goods in a robot-only section of the fulfillment center.

Smaller warehouse and fulfillment sites is a good example of how online sales are reshaping logistics in the US.

Conference Hosted by BEB Makes National Publication!

2013-06 POSTSCRIPTS ARTICLE ON THE CONFERENCEDuring the 2012/2013 term, our President Ron Royall, served as President of the Southwest Chapter of the Association of Marketing Service Providers.  This prestigious chapter has a 50+ history and is part of the national AMSP organization.  AMSP has been in existence for over 90-years and is dedicated to the education and legislative advocacy of the print, mail and fulfillment industry.  As Chapter President, Ron was responsible for the planning, promotion, sales and implementation of two regional events during his term.  We are thrilled to report that both events were successful and the national association featured our BEB Hosted Annual Conference in this month’s PostScripts Magazine!  At the close of the conference in April, Ron handed over the President’s gavel to the 2013/2014 incoming Chapter President, Stan Hastings (Commercial Mail Service).  You can read the feature in it’s entirety here.  It is our second mention in this month’s, nationally published, PostScripts magazine!

April HPCC Meeting

HPCC Lunch and learn logoWe attended today’s Houston Postal Customer Council Meeting held at the downtown USPS facility.  The focus was on the upcoming prmotional programs hosted by the Postal Service.  The first slide of the presentation read:  “The report of our death is greatly exagerrated.”

So said Mark Twain, and so says Kathy Hall of the USPS, today’s featured speaker.  In addition to outlining upcoming programs such as Emerging Technologies and Earned Value Reply Mail, Kathey discussed the difference between mobile friendly and mobile optimization.  She also educated attendees on Augmented Reality.   We were excited to receive credit for introducing the USPS crew to String Augmented Reality and had fun showing off the animated features using their free app.  AR DRAGON FLYING OUT OF BEB LOGO

Kathy finished with a peek into the 2014 promotions which included mobile wallet, NFC, Green Advertising Mail and Color in Transactional Mail.  We will (of course) keep you informed of details on current and upcoming USPS promotions.