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Trigger Direct Mail

Direct mail garners much higher response rates than digital channels.  Successful direct mail campaigns don’t always have to be large volume.  When creating your marketing budget, don’t overlook small, very targeted mail campaigns to implement throughout the year based on client behavior data.  We call this Trigger Direct Mail.

Trigger Direct Mail integrates multi-channel marketing strategies, using data collected online to engage customers offline. It’s easy to send off an email, but that doesn’t mean you always should.  Direct mail will never land in someone’s spam folder and recipients don’t opt out.

Direct mail has a significant emotional impact that email doesn’t and results in a stronger recall of your messaging. Make an incredibly personal and positive impression by sending a thank you note, or an introductory letter of your staff after obtaining new business. Pictures and words on a printed piece of paper are very powerful.

When consumers visit your website and leave without completing a purchase, chances are that
you have a drip campaign that includes a series of emails to entice them to come back. We know that email automation has a strong impact at recovering abandoned sales. Statistics show that almost 50% of cart abandonment emails are opened.

This is another great time to add direct mail.  Send a postcard with an offer, or mail a small brochure showing a variety of products to entice your buyers back.

Marketing trends show that Millennials expect engagement from brands and
personalization in the printed form is the perfect way to touch your audience.


Direct Mail Basics

With Easter just around the corner, many of you are putting your direct mail campaigns together now. We’re sharing some basic tips to ensure your campaign is a smashing success!

The digital world is filled with constant change, complexity and instability. Many audiences want a return to simplicity.  In 2019, minimalism is the way to attract attention.  An image with a clear purpose will prevail every time. Keep your text short and on point. Maximize white space and find a layout that’s simple, clean and authentic.

When picking up mail from the cluster box, don’t forget that large pieces command attention. It doesn’t cost any more postage to mail a 6X11 postcard than it does a 6X9 and the difference in paper cost is nominal. The only real differences are that you get more real estate to promote your message and your piece will stand out in the mailbox.

Create a fun mail piece by adding folds.  These go beyond touch by requiring people to manipulate the piece. It creates an urge to see more by building up people’s curiosity. BE CAREFUL THOUGH!  Make sure you don’t lose your automation rates by placing a fold or an open part of your mail piece in the wrong spot.  Have your creative team contact us for guidance.

Storytelling is a crucial aspect of direct marketing. Think about using strong and compelling visual images to convey your narrative. Combine your images with precise and well written copy.

Color is key. Your choice of color can make or break a good print design. Colors have the power to change moods.

Red – This color typically used to create a sense of urgency, which may be why you often see this color used during clearance sales. Red is also associated with movement, excitement, and passion.

Blue – This color is often used by brands to promote trust in their products and services because this color is associated with security, peace, and reliability. Blue is also the preferred color of male consumers.

Green – Brands sometimes use green within their stores to relax customers because this color creates harmony within the brain and encourages balance. This color is also often associated with power, nature, and tranquility.

Orange and Yellow – These colors are more cheerful colors that promote a more optimistic attitude while also creating a sense of urgency that can cause more impulsive buyers to act.

Purple – This color has been known to stimulate problem solving and creativity within the mind.
Purple is also associated with respect, intelligence, and royalty, which may explain why it’s often used to promote beauty and anti-aging products.

The Power of Words in Marketing

According to Denny Hatch (Direct Mail Expert); below is a list of the most evocative words in the English language:






You have approximately 5-seconds to convince a person to read your mail piece.  No matter which key copy driver you choose, you still need to put that message into the words that will make your customers want to read your mail piece.  Use these 3 important tips (from Pat Friesen – award winning copywriter) to make your direct mail speak to your customers.


Short Words: 75-80% of your words should be five characters or less.

Short Sentences: Sentences should be one-and-a-half lines or less.

Short Paragraphs: Paragraphs should rarely exceed 6 lines.

Use these basic direct marketing practices and watch your direct mail campaigns come to life!

Winning Direct Mail Equation

Marketing expert Ed Mayer advanced a formula for direct marketing called the “40/40/20 Rule”.  Though developed in the 1960’s, the concept is still viable and is worth keeping in mind when creating your direct marketing campaigns.

The rule reflects that the first 40% of emphasis lies in determining the audience you are making the offer to.  The next 40% should be placed on what you are offering and how you’re offering it.  The last 20% should focus on creative, format, production, etc.

Remember, you can put all of your effort into creating an absolutely beautiful mail piece, but it won’t matter if you’re not sending it to the “right people”.    #DirectMailWorks

Direct Mail Drives Digital

2016-beb-direct-mail-drives-digital-experiences1Today, people are inundated with advertising, which can lead them to burn out and tune out.  As campaigns ramp up for the 2016 holiday season, it’s time to start thinking about effective ways to break through the clutter so your message gets heard-loud and clear.

Direct mail is the spark that can initiate action.  Year after year, it continues to prove itself as one of the most engaging and effective channels.

Not only is direct mail a proven backbone for digital experiences, it is a unique platform that enables you to micro-target and measure campaign results.

With the ever-expanding use of technology, many are now turning to digital channels for their news and product information research.  Social, mobile and search engines have become key players in reaching and engaging both mass and targeted audiences.  Direct mail is part of a multi-channel campaign can play a big role in propelling buyers toward digital experiences.

Why does multi-channel marketing work?  Using a variety of media channels – from mobile to print to online ads – can help stave off the standard/expected trailing response rate of campaigns.  This strategy can result in upticks or surges, allowing you to extend your reach and strengthen your message’s impact.

Digitally enabled direct mail can be highly effective because it:

  • Merges tangible and digital elements that can stimulate the recipient’s senses while instantly delivering relevant information.
  • Helps break through the “noise” to bolster engagement.



Businesses on Social Media – Why it’s so Important

2 WAY STREET MARKETINGSocial media changed the entire marketing structure for businesses. The ability to reach a large audience in a simple and lightning fast manner leveled the playing field and allowed all businesses the chance to affordably market.

Social media put an end to “One Way Street Marketing”.  Today’s businesses are able to engage with their existing and potential clients and in real time. Positive engagement with customers can lead to improved reputation and referrals which leads to more sales.

As the world is becoming predominantly mobile, social media sites allow your advertising to be seen in a mobile optimized format.  Be sure your website is mobile enhanced too.  The majority of internet access is done on a mobile device today, and the social media landscape is a very strong driver to your company website.

Traffic to your website not only connects your audience to your business, it enhances your organic search engine optimization (SEO) which will make it easier for people to find your business on the web. Social media networks are becoming search engines unto themselves and offer many opportunities to incorporate SEO enhancements such as keywords and back links.

If you aren’t utilizing social media in your marketing strategy today, you’re missing out on new business.

Epicomm-SW Conference

Helsley Lifetime Achievement Award WinnersRon, Ro, and Joy Z attended the 2016 Epicomm-SW Conference in The Woodlands from April 29th – May 1st.

Ron and Joy Z are currently serving on the board of this  industry association dedicated to the direct mail, printing and fulfillment industries.

This 3-day conference attracts companies from all over Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.  Speakers from across the country reviewed the latest happenings within the United States Postal Service, new marketing trends and cyber security.  Our Joy Z presented JackThe Winning Chili Cook-off Team Gressett of Admail with this year’s Helsley Family Award and our Ron was on the winning team for the first ever Epicomm-SW Chili Cook-off.  Ro’s team won for best presentation!

The President of Epicomm national quoted our January newsletter during a lecture and highlighted BEB as a progressive and growing multi-channel marketing company.

Robert “Bob” Royall was one of the original founders of the 50-year strong industry organization, and was a previous president.  Our Ron served as president of the SW Chapter in 2013.

Summer Marketing Classes Set

2016 MARKETING FOR SMALL BUSINESS SUMMER SEMINAR SERIES LOGOBack by popular demand, our Marketing for Small Business, The Basics Summer Classes have been scheduled!

Click here to see a short video on the Marketing for Small Business Summer Series

Click here to see a short video on the Marketing for Small Business Summer Series

This 4-part series covers marketing basics that every business should use.  Our first class covers blogging.  Learn the reasons why a business should blog and the importance of keeping your website content fresh and consistent.  We’ll discuss topics for content, when and where to find suitable content, how often to post and how to create back links to your website that will help with your organic Search Engine Optimization.

Next up?  Social media.  What is the value of a “Follow”, a “Like” or a LinkedIn endorsement?  Does social media bring new clients within a B2B platform?  Does Twitter or Facebook generate revenue?  Learn the value that social media can bring to your business, understand the demographics of the people on different platforms, and learn how the most used social media environments differ.

The 3rd class in our wildly popular series covers email & direct mail.  Learn about the

Classes are kept to a maximum of 15 people to enable accelerated interaction.

Classes are kept to a maximum of 15 people to enable accelerated interaction.

minefields surrounding email blasts and privacy regulations.  We discuss how to study, catalog and build your email list and identify content and links that can help with your organic SEO.  We’ll also review several online email services available to make online marketing easier.

Learn how direct mail has become a digital driving machine with a long shelf life.  The printed piece has become interactive with QR Codes and Augmented Reality and tracking results is easier than ever before.

The last class is about organic Search Engine optimization (SEO).   Our partners at Siteboxpro, a local leader in SEO and web marketing, will conduct this class.  Learn about the process of organically improving the visibility of your website in search engine results.

Our guest lecturers will review the parts that make up a search engine result.  They’ll show you ways to take advantage of local searches using free services like Yelp or Google maps.  We’ll discuss target-paid listings, budgets, and learn about different kinds of searches.

Classes are kept to a maximum of 15 people to enable accelerated interaction and enhanced learning.  Lunch is included with the registration fee.  This series has consistently been rated Excellent by our over 50 graduates.  97% of all attendees surveyed say they would recommend the series to a friend.

Classes are conducted at our facility in The Museum District of Houston Texas (near I69 & Main Street).  Special rates are available for multiple classes.  Classes usually SELL OUT, so register TODAY!    Click here for more details.





2016 Calendars Are Here

FACEBOOK CALENDAR PITCH BEB TEXAS BEBdataOur award winning, interactive calendars are ready!  If you haven’t already received one, and would like one (or more), click here and we’ll send you yours right away!

The BEB Calendars have a QR Code for each month.  Scan it, and you’ll receive a special message from us throughout the year!  Last year, our calendars were scanned over 1,500 times.  Join in the fun today.  Check out the January QR Code message here.