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2013 MFSA-SW Conference

kenKen Garner, President of the National Association of Marketing Service Providers is speaking at the 2013 AMSP-SW Conference this morning.  He’s asked the question, “What is the USPS long-term vision other than cost cutting?”
Ken is also talking about creating a sustainable competitive advantage for our clients and how to create greater value.  The continuous change of the industry is our largest challenge AND our best ally.

PICG WIP Luncheon


Kristin Howel (DP|IT) and Angel Wiener (Client Services)

Some of the ladies of Business Extension Bureau attended the much anticipated Women In Print luncheon held by the Printing Industries of the Gulf Coast (PICG).  The year’s event was held at the Tasting Room and our key-note speaker was Gina Testa of Xerox.  Gina discussed the future of print which includes personalized packaging, mobile interaction, and Gamification, (the use of game-thinking and mechanics in a non-game context in order to engage users and solve problems).   She went on to say that technology is a “great equalizer” and print is no longer an art.  It’s a science.  She is a fascinating speaker and we learned a lot!

It was a packed house today as Patty Eldridge of the PICG reviewed the upcoming Graphic Excellence Awards, shared pamphlets on how Print Is Green and outlined other educational and networking events sponsored by the PICG.  BEB is committed to the continuing education of our staff to keep our clients (both existing and future) abreast of the latest solutions and technology available.

PIGC Women In Print Lunch

WOMEN IN PRINT LUNCH 2013 2Some of the ladies of BEB will attend the upcoming Printing Industries of the Gulf Coast (also known as the PIGC) 2013 Women in Print Luncheon on March 5th at the Tasting Room.

We will join other women in the graphics, creative and marketing industry for a luncheon to meet, greet and get to know others in the Houston graphics community.  Highlighted topics are emerging markets within the printing and mailing industry.