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Happy Holidays

2016-11-30 09.32.51Everybody is getting into the holiday spirit this year.  Even BEBour Melvin, the Marketing Chimp is sporting his “Ugly Christmas Sweater” and antlers.

We added a fun twist to our company holiday cards this year too.  We included three cards that, when used with a free app, turns them into an Augmented Reality Christmas!  We’ve heard from many of our clients telling us how much they’re enjoying them!

We have also created a special holiday message from all of us at BEB.  Check it out below:



ROI = $20K

2012 The BurueaToday we finished our ROI analysis of our publication called The Bureau.  The Bureau was launched in September of 2012 and serves as a center point for information on direct marketing and the happenings within our 64-year old company.
Our maiden issue asked and answered the question; “What IS multi-channel marketing?'”  Other issues announced upgrades and expansion going on within our plant, introduced readers to our YouTube page, outlined FSM (Folded Self-Mailer_ regulation changes in a simple fashion, educated on Augmented Reality (AR) and shares some case studies from our marketing campaigns.  Two of our newsletters included rate-cards for easy reference of the new postal rates that took effect in January and all included an interactive element connecting us to our client and enabling us to track results.
We were able to directly connect an additional $20K in new business to our newsletter through the articles covering our existing or new services, inquiries pertaining to specific topics included in the publication or the acquisition of new clients by incorporating prospects into our Bureau marketing plan.
Direct mail is (still) mighty and is a powerhouse to drive business online.


@BEB_BOB Hits 400!

BOB 400 FOLLOWERSBEB-Business Extension Bureau  has entered into the social media realm as an enhancement to direct mail marketing. Our very own Bob Royall – President Emeritus and founder started using Twitter last fall and has already reached 400 followers!

@BEB_BOB tweets focus on the latest postal news such as folded self-mailer changes made easy and upcoming USPS incentives.  He also shares the latest in online technology such as Augmented Reality (AR) and NFC!

Thanks to all of our followers on Twitter!

A Few Words From Bob – Jan 2013

A Few Words From Bob with blue background2013 will be a year of USPS promotional initiatives that will go beyond previous mobile bar-code promotions of the past.  In August,l the USPS will offer incentives for companies using near-field communications (NFC) which enables radio communication and data exchanges based on proximity via smart phones and similar devices.   Also in August, the USPS will offer motivation to use augmented reality (AR) which technology that amplifies images with interactive menus, videos and brings graphics to life!
The first USPS promotion starts on March 1 and will offer initiatives for mailings that integrate hard-copy coupons that can be redeemed via mobile technologies.

We’ll keep you abreast of the details!







AR from string.  Go to string.com for details