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Informative and Measurable Marketing Tools – Email Blast Results

90-days ago, BEB-Business Extension Bureau was asked to manage a local industry trade association’s e-mail and social media marketing.  We’re excited to see the progress made in just a few months!



Open rates have increased by 6.1%.  Bounce rates have decreased by 1% (2% under the industry average) and Opt-Outs dropped by 0.1%.  This chart shows the industry average rates (blue), the trade association’s first quarter activity (red) and activity since we were asked to manage the program (green).  Tracking results enables us to make any necessary adjustments and keeps focus on the end goals of marketing.  If you’re not using e-mail marketing in your current suite of marketing, you’re missing out on a powerful, inexpensive and very informative tool.

Check out our “How To:  E-mail” classes in August and September.

Calculating Your Return

one half of a percentInvite Them InNot only do we sell direct mail marketing, we also use it.  Why?  Because it works.  Figuring out how well it works can sometimes be a challenge.  Make sure you review the whole picture and don’t be blinded by what may seem like a light return.

We conducted a prospecting campaign targeting churches in our area.  We sent two postcards over a 3 week period to the same recipients.

The graphics we used for our 6 X 9 postcards reflected multiple generations and cultures, and conveyed a very simple message.  Use direct mail to invite your neighborhood to worship in your church.

The mailing brought 3 new clients or .56% of our universe; which seems like a very low return!  That’s because it’s only part of the equation.

The campaign generated $4,450 in new business within 30 days of the first mailing.  The retail charges associated with mailing both cards, including postage is $1,530 which equates to a $2,920 return.  We anticipate the new clients will generate an additional $9,000 in revenue over the course of the first year.

Direct mail marketing works – let it work for your business too!


Multi-channel Marketing that includes e-mail works!

2013-04-03 email last call STATSWe’re compiling date from our marketing efforts to drive attendance to an industry association annual conference held in April.  The campaign included direct mail, e-mail, social media and networking.  The first group of data we are gathering is the e-mail returns.  This e-mail was sent 60-days prior to the event and focused on the golf tournament and offered links to the other aspects of the conference.  We achieved a 27.3% Open Rate, 16.3% click rate, 0.4% opt out and registered 6 people within 24-hours of it being sent.

That’s success!

7% of attendees respond to an e-mail request

2013-04-03 email last callAs we continue to research results from our e-mail portion of the multi-channel marketing campaign for an industry association annual conference, we see that this e-mail is driving people to book their hotel room to ensure they receive the conference discounted rate.  We launched a full attack using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn AND e-mail as the hotel’s cut-off date neared.  This email (left) received a 30% open rate and netted 7 additional room reservations within a 72-hour period.

ROI = $20K

2012 The BurueaToday we finished our ROI analysis of our publication called The Bureau.  The Bureau was launched in September of 2012 and serves as a center point for information on direct marketing and the happenings within our 64-year old company.
Our maiden issue asked and answered the question; “What IS multi-channel marketing?'”  Other issues announced upgrades and expansion going on within our plant, introduced readers to our YouTube page, outlined FSM (Folded Self-Mailer_ regulation changes in a simple fashion, educated on Augmented Reality (AR) and shares some case studies from our marketing campaigns.  Two of our newsletters included rate-cards for easy reference of the new postal rates that took effect in January and all included an interactive element connecting us to our client and enabling us to track results.
We were able to directly connect an additional $20K in new business to our newsletter through the articles covering our existing or new services, inquiries pertaining to specific topics included in the publication or the acquisition of new clients by incorporating prospects into our Bureau marketing plan.
Direct mail is (still) mighty and is a powerhouse to drive business online.


@JoyZtx Reaches 700!

JOY Z 700 FOLLOWERSSocial Media is a hot-bed for direct mail marketing enhancement and BEB-Business Extension Bureau has jumped into the middle of the social media revolution!  Our clients look to us to provide hands-on experience and show return on the investment associated with new media.
Our organic growth within Twitter is so exciting as it is a recipient driven network which means we have to provide our followers with content they deem relevant and useful.

Our very own @JoyZtx (Joy Zerbach) reached 700 followers today!

Congrats, and THANK YOU!