28 Countries Watch BEBTX!

We finished updating statistics from our BEBTX YouTube channel and discovered some interesting facts:

Our videos…

  • have been watched over 2,300 times
  • are seen in 28 different countries
  • are viewed in 36 states
  • 38.5% of the views were seen on a mobile device
  • 56% were watched from embedded videos on Facebook or Twitter
  • 16% of our views came from videos embedded on other wesbsites.
  • Our top watched videos are
  1. World Youth American Football Association promotion for playoffs in Paris, France.  70% of the total views came from the opposing teams countries of France and Germany.
  2. Association of Marketing Service Providers – Southwest Chapter promotion for their annual conference.  A testimony to the power of cross-channel marketing, this year’s conference had a record turn out of inaugural participants; 20% of the companies attending were there for the first time.
  3. 2012 – Business Extension Bureau Year in Review.
    This video debuted to our clients in our Year End newsletter (The Bureau) linked to a QR Code.  It is here we recieved 72% of it’s views however, we noted that people continued to watch this favorite!  Last view was recorded April 20, 2013!

Thank you to all of our viewers and if you haven’t seen our BEBTX Channel yet, click here to take a look! YOUTUBE-BEB CHANNEL RED


There’s  a lot of excitement around here today as we were notified that we have a 2013 Gold-Hermes Award for our twitter social media campaign in the Emerging Market Category!

There were over 5,600 entries from through-out the US and several other countries in this year’s competition and judging is based on quality, creativity and resourcefulness.  It’s an added bonus to win gold in the emerging market category and we are very proud to be honored by this prestigious organization.  Our bi-monthly newsletter, The Bureau, received an Honorable Mention Certificate, too!

The Hermes Awards is an international competition for creative concept, writing and design of a traditional and emerging media and is conducted by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals.

You can see an outline of our entry on our YouTube Channel BEB TX or click here to review!



2013-03 HBJ Largest Printing CompaniesThe Houston Business Journal published the 2013 Largest Printing Companies List on Friday, ranking BEB-Business Extension Bureau in the top 20!  The prestigious list ranks Houston’s printers based on number of employees, types of presses and diversity of service offerings.  BEB ranked #16 based on size, #14 based on presses and #1 based on years of operations!

From the President

Ron Bi-LineWe are already at the start of the second quarter of 2013…that is hard to believe.  January has brought our semi-annual BEB Summit meeting where the executives of BEB meet to plan a strategy for the future.  We examine where the marketplace is going five-years out, review technology changes that impact our business and conduct a client review to determined how we can better serve our existing clients and where to find new business.  Our plan to add a second digital press in the first quarter has already come to pass.  Other items for the coming year include expansion and upgrade of our 15,000 square ft facility, Postal Reform and the enhancement to direct mail with online interaction.

2013-SummitThis year’s summit was very informative and we look forward to the coming year as we find better ways to serve our clients by planning for the future.  Our first ever BEB Calendar has been a big hit with customers and vendors alike!  Don’t forget, in addition to the beautiful photos (featuring our great state), we highlighted events unique to Texas and added a QR Code for each month.  The QR Code will take you to a landing page that has fun videos or photos specific to the month.  We hope you enjoy the interactive experience throughout the year.2013-03 Bureau POSTAL 101 COLLATERAL
January and February brought appointments with our clients as we were invited to conduct our POSTAL 101 class several times.  The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we’ve managed to keep the presentation down to 30-minutes!  We cover the new postal regulations surrounding the FSM (Folded Sel-Mailer), review the new rates and want to expect in Washing with  Postal Reform.  We’ve created several classes with content geared specifically toward individual companies and provided “cheat sheets” branded with their logos that will allow our customers to distribute the reference materials as their own.  Business Extension Bureau “hit the road” in February too.  Joy Zehrbach, our VP of Marketing traveled to Florida for the  annual AMSP (Association of Marketing Service Providers) Mid-Winter Conference.  She participated on a panel discussion covering the emergence of cross media marketing, conducted a round-table on self-promotion and even though she is a newly elected Director on the nation Board, was invited to join the Government Affairs Committee.  Our sister company, BEBdata (one of the largest bankruptcy data compilers in the nation) was in Florida last month attending the National Automobile Dealers Association’s annual conference.  We mixed and mingled with several of our valued clients and got a chance to meet some new ones too!  We are always looking for ways to connect with you clients in a face-to-face manner and we managed close a deal with a new client just a few days after the show.  It was a great success and we look forward to participating again next year!

Ron Royall

BEB Wins Graphic Excellence Awards

2013-03 WE WONWe are excited to announce that we have been awarded honors from the Printing Industries of the Gulf Coast.  We won 2 Awards of Merit and a Graphic Excellence Award (GEA)!
The awards of merit go to BEB and BEBdata (our sister company) for our individual and interactive holiday cards!  The cards were well received and each contained a QR Code directing recipients to a YouTube holiday video!
BEBdata generated a 4.3% hit rate and BEB generated a 5.8% hit rate to each video.

You can watch them at:
http://youtu.be/q9heeoiIpn0 or  http://youtu.be/JKMADJKoPU4

In addition, we won a GEA for our newsletter, The Bureau!  The Bureau is created bi-monthly and is a multi-channel marketing vehicle designed to share the latest happenings with postal reform, industry trends, and case studies.  We also include a section called The Back Wall – Life Around BEB that displays photos of staff to lend a personal touch to our corporate image.
All three award-winning pieces were printed on a Konica Minolta digital press and are interactive using cross-channel marketing for interactive communication and tracking.
We are honored to receive these prestigious awards and we can’t wait for the big ceremony at the Plaza Ballroom in the Doubletree Greenway on April 17, Houston TX.

Houston Zoo Partners Summit

2013-03-04 ZOO PARTNER SUMMIT BREAKFAST RO & ELEPHANT BESTBEB-Business Extension Bureau is a very proud partner with our awesome Houston Zoo and we were honored to participate in the 2013 Houston Zoo Partner Summit.  Our Ro Royall (Executive VP) was there along with Brian Varnadoe of the Houston Texans to hear and see all of the new and exciting things happening at our zoo!
Attendance and membership are up and there are so many exciting new things happening there!  Earth Day, Zoobilee and Pollinator Palooza in June!  Our thanks to the Houston Zoo!
Check out the video of Baby Tupelo on our YouTube Channel:


April QR Code 2014

APR WEB 2014Be sure to scan the QR Code on your interactive BEB Calendar and see the fast and beautiful roller coaster ride down the side of an Alp in Switzerland!  You can click here to see it too!

2012 Year In Review

2013-02 BEB LOGO2012 was a great year for Business Extension Bureau.  We had  a lot of change and continued with some great long-standing traditions!  Our marketing department put together a video to share with you!  We hope you enjoy.  Click on the link below!